Each design starts with a deep investigation into your project that leaves no stone unturned. We'll study everything from the history and culture of your site, to it's geography and ecosystems. Making notes and sketches along the way, we begin to understand the deeper narrative that will inform the design.

Our design process extends beyond only architecture, and we delve into the many facets of creativity needed to make your vision one of a kind.

We cover...

  • Conceptual Design
  • Experiential Design
  • Master/Site Planning
  • Show Producing/Directing
  • Graphic Design
  • Story and Writing
  • Art Direction
  • Multimedia
  • And much more...


We draw the box first, but only so we can smash through it.

Designing for an audience means we take new and ingenious solutions and meld that with what's tried and tested . This creates experiences that are both familiar and exciting, comfortable and cutting edge.

With each idea we are prepared to design, build and execute them to a professional and safe standard. These are the kinds of attractions that your patrons will walk home and tell their friends about.



We don't just design places and buildings, we help you populate them. Finishing with a profitable project is an inherent part of our design. We want people filling your seats year after year, and know how to make that happen.

We take the economics seriously and bring world class economists to the design tables. We've learned from experience the economic solutions that work; and we can cover all the bases, whether your revitalizing a small city, or envisioning to build one, and everything in between, we can help.



This is a crucial meeting that results in the discovery of new opportunities, and a broader understanding of the project. We want to know all the major hurdles before we clear them, and these few days are spent investigating what those might be. We also lay out ROI's, economic forecasts, schedules, implementation strategies and more.

These are about synergy and team play. Gathering your team and ours with professionals in architecture, design, finance, economics and investing, we sit down and discuss the vision.

It's a big deal, but we've led the discussion before, and come prepared to listen and to guide the charrette meeting so that all interested parties are ready to take the next step.



The finishing touches of a project, the last 10%, are what make it a hit. And this is where your vision takes on a life of its own.

Long after the freight containers ship and your dreams are under construction, our team is on standby to work with contractors and artisans to execute the finer nuances of the project.

On occasion we will even fly out and install art displays, gadgets and murals ourselves, and hand your crew the keys to drive.


714 West 550 South. Orem, UT 84058

01 (801) 361-9997